Fiorella Pattoni - Handmade wearable art

Finely handmade wearable art.

Belong to the exceptional.

Fiorella Pattoni

A strong sense of empowerment with subtle silent sophistication.

All pieces are created in limited series or as unique pieces, all of them one of a kind treasures. Seductive elegance in each art piece that enhance oneself.

Artistar 2019 - Millan, Italy

Artistar Jewels 2019 - Exhibition

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Fiorella Pattoni is an architect, designer and a jewelry artist. She is passionate about multidisciplinary projects . In her unique style she combines, design, fashion and art in finely crafted handmade pieces. She believes that ornaments are a statement of who we are, of where we came from, with whom we are connected to. They are symbols that both express and communicates.

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